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Welcome to PH Cleaning Services

We are  a recognizable name in cleaning services in the Greater Toronto Area and York Region.  We’ve become a standout amongst other private neighborhood cleaning services providers through a persistent and genuine sense of duty regarding clients’ satisfaction.

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We are proud to offer a complete range of expert cleaning services, regardless of whether your house or condominium requires dusting, mopping, sweeping the floors, or you are worried that your tile and grout are harboring debilitating microscopic organisms. In any case, we additionally offer full house and condominium cleaning to guarantee proficient cleaning over the whole structure.

Schedule a move-in cleaning before you relocate to your new home and give yourself a new beginning. We always come prepared with the most vigorous of cleaning materials and scour your new home, ensuring it is perfect and disinfected for you and your family. During your move-out cleaning session, we concentrate on essential ranges that frequently get neglected amid regular cleaning sessions. Having our group of experts clean your space for you gives you the time you have to pack, compose, and stack up your moving truck. Expect that we will make an amazing showing with regards to getting a genuinely exhaustive clean.

For many real estate agents, homeowners, and tenants, selling a home and moving can be a very stressful experience. Peace In-Home Cleaning services have eliminated the stress by providing a full compliment of real estate pre-sale cleaning services, as well as move-in and move-out cleaning services. Peace In-Home Cleaning services “deep cleanings” ensure that your home will garner top dollar by looking its absolute finest for agent open houses and real estate showings.

These extensive cleaning services, performed by Peace In-Home Cleaning’s fully trained staff are inclined to meet your specific needs. These services include, but are not limited to, detailed cleaning of every room including inside the fridge and stove, inside cupboards, walls, baseboards and trim, light fixtures, window cleaning, steam cleaning, etc. Peace In-Home Cleaning services utilize environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and equipment, so you have one less thing to worry about. If you prefer to use your supplies we can do that too.

After having contributed so much time, money, and effort into remodeling or re-constructing your new home, we’re sure you’ll desire this last punch at perfection. Post-development tidying up requires an intense cleaning by the trained eye of an expert. We have unique post-development team members whose work is geared for your specific tasks. Your property will be clean, smell refreshing, and be prepared for a new memory.

Our week after week cleaning services guarantee that even the busiest homes look great. We visit at your schedule to deal with all you’re cleaning needs. By keeping a more general cleaning plan with Bright Star Cleaning Services, you can return to dealing with more essential things.

With regards to janitorial services in Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Etobicoke and all through the GTA, PH Cleaning Services gives proficient services that customers can depend on. We benefit private and open offices of numerous types – everything from land organizations, to medicinal services offices, to a wide assortment of industry segments. Janitorial services are one of our claims to fame, and we take extraordinary pride in our quality way to deal with client benefits. At PH Cleaning Services, our emphasis is on keeping our clients 100% satisfied.

For some business owners, both substantial and small business cleaning services are a must. At our business, cleaning services are offered as a contrasting option to having a set-cleaning schedule. We encourage an entrepreneur or administrator to get serious, leaving every one of the obligations of office cleaning in Toronto to an expert business-cleaning group with exceptional skill.

As a restaurant manager or owner, it is critical to guarantee that your kitchen and floor are perfect and always clean. Due to the constant mess and moving bodies, it can be difficult to keep up with your space looking spotless. Luckily, we are here to offer assistance. At Canadian Expert Cleaning, we give intensive, far-reaching, eatery cleaning services for those who require it all throughout the GTA.

Everybody cherishes those unique occasions, however party cleaning can be an enormous bout of work and requires experts. In the off chance that you are arranging an exceptional occasion and need a cleaner for a while later, or in case you’re the proprietor of an office, corridor or neighborhood night detect, our staff at Bright Star Cleaning Services will make a careful showing with regards to cleaning your space. Get in touch with us for a cleaning administration proposition or extra information!

A profound cleaning is perfect in case you’re moving, getting ready for an occasion, or feel you need everything to be scrubbed. What’s more is there’s no requirement for you to lift a finger — let a professional deal with the grimy work! The assignments handled in a profound clean versus a standard clean differ by organization, so make sure to inquire about the specifics first.

The decision to adopt a more thoughtful, healthy, and eco-friendly cleaning practices is a favor to Mother Nature. ​​Creating a green, sound home means putting you and your family in a home that chemical-free, perfect for kids and pets.​ By utilizing eco-friendly cleaning items, we are rolling out little but powerful improvements that will have a major effect in the strength of your home, your family, and our general surroundings. By living green, we look to decrease our carbon footprint and help this beautiful planet.

With the changing of each new season, you most likely get the urge to clean your home. Be that as it may, with everything that is going ahead in your life, finding the opportunity to clean your floors, kitchen, restrooms, and windows is near impossible. If you get the urge to have your home cleaned before the new season arrives, yet you have no clue how you will complete it, let our group at Peace In-Home Cleaning Services offer assistance.

We will clean your garage thoroughly and sort everything out. We sort out the sports items, automobile care, sentimental items, etc. We additionally set up snares, take out rubbish and undesirable things.

Our maid benefit is upheld by our 100% fulfillment assurance – we are sure you will be awed by our maid benefits, and that you’ll cherish getting back home when we’ve cleaned! Call us today for a free, no-commitment, in-home assessment and discover why PH Cleaning services are number one in proficient maid services in Toronto.

Flat Rates

1&2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms 4 Bedrooms 5&6 Bedrooms
$140 $155 $170 $200

Pricing Plans


  • 12% discount on each flat rate
  • Once a week
  • Flexible schedule any time any day.
  • Get 20 % discount for twice a week.


  • 10% discount on each flat rate
  • Once after fortnight
  • Flexible schedule any time any day.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed


  • 8% discount on each flat rate
  • Once after a month
  • Flexible schedule any time any day.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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I was amazed the way PH cleaning services understood the task and how precisely they cleaned the stubborn dirty surfaces in our office. Really wonderful experience. Definitely would recommend to serious clients.

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